Locally owned and operated, we are a team of professionals looking to make all your bathroom design ideas come true. We have the expertise to not only know the right procedures, but also the right materials to use to get you the best results possible. For example, we know that you don't put tiles up on drywall as that spells out disaster in a bathroom over time. Why use drywall when you can use a product made to support tiles and is moisture and mold prove with a lifetime warranty? We've done hundreds of bathrooms year after year and have learned that the difference between a job looking good for a couple of months and a job looking good for many years, is the quality of the materials behind the scenes.

We specialize in all aspects of updating and rebuilding your bathroom. We can help with simple updates such as changing the floors or the hardware on your faucets, remove and replace bathtubs and bath surround, all the way to complete remodels.

Your home matters to us. At the beginning of each day, we take the time to protect the floors by laying down tarps. At the end of the day, we vacuum and clean up to leave your home as clean as we found it. We take our time to come up with a thorough plan that maximizes your space, budget, and resources. We strive to be proud of each and every project we complete and earn a referral of each person we work with.

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